Postby Serena B on Sun Feb 10, 2002 9:16 am

Alice, <P>I'm lovin the new pages. Artwork is splendorific as usual. ^_~ My only question is when are you going to get back to the others? You know, Wil and Kuthra and Saph and all? *grin* I'm all for plot development, but I miss seeing what's up with my faves. Don't get me wrong, Gai is kinda cool. He's got nice hair (diggin those little ties on the sides ^_^), and he's tatooed (woo-hoo!). Anyway, just wanted to bug you. *grin*<P>serena b
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Postby Sapheire on Mon Feb 11, 2002 9:43 am

hahaha, well all I can say is give me a few more pages. I still haven't covered the point of switching the plot over to them. I could've went straight to the point, but I felt I should do a little character development first. So far I've REALLY skimped on them as characters, especially with K'sher and M'nekr--they are main characters! But... in about three pages (estimate) the story does switch back to Kuthra and Sapheire. As much as I like drawing them, I'm kind of dreading their next part. It's more complicated than what I've been drawing lately. ^^;;<P>Sorry about the wait--should switch by the end of the week!<P>Alice
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