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Postby Sapheire on Sat Feb 09, 2002 10:31 am

*The Fate Martyr Sapheire Guessing Game*<P>I had the idea for this contest a long time ago, but I decided it would only be fair if I waited until I dropped a whole bunch more hints before I threw it on you. <P>Actually Misha triggered it by saying she may have an idea where the story is going. I'm the kind of person who always guesses (or tries to) guess the end of movies/books/games/etc. so that's what this contest is all about. Although you're not guessing the end (I'll never give up that secret--and the comic is no where near over!) it's just a couple of secrets that will be revealed very soon anyway.<P>Basically, it goes like this. If you think you know the answer to either or both of the two questions I ask you, email me what you think and... in the event of you getting it right, I'll give you a free art request as a prize. <P>There are actually two ways to win:
1. Actually figure it out, and guess the answer correctly.
2. Amuse the hell out of me. Come up with something so crazy (either funny or just flat out strange) that I will be forced to give you a prize just for creativity. ^_~<P>It's very important that entries are EMAILED to me (Sapheire@aol.com) instead of posted here, just so the story won't be ruined for anyone who doesn't figure it out. If you post your entry here, even if I love it, you won't win. <P>Winners who guessed the plot won't be announced until AFTER it's uncovered in the comic, just so the secret isn't revealed early enough to ruin the story for others. You can actually win up to four times and get four prizes--because you can win both the amusement and the actual secret catagory for both questions. (although I'm not likely to pick the same person twice except if they get both actual secrets.) You can enter more than once if you like (or if you come up with something better) but you can only win once per catagory.<P>As with the poetry contest, there may be multiple winners. The actual secret catagory will go by whomever guesses the correct answer first, but if more than one people amuse the hell out of me, more than one will win. <P>If no one comes up with the correct answer--then I'll pick the closest answer to the truth, so there will be four winners no matter what, as long as people actually enter.<P>Also... Original FMS readers, or the two or three people I've told some secrets--you can't enter, I'm sorry! There are only about five or six people this applies--And I know who you ARE!<P>That covers the rules, so here are your questions:<P>1. Who are Gai and the L'Kavrikans really and why do they need to get rid of Sapheire?<P>2. What does Wil Fasholdt do for the circus?<P>I've dropped a bunch of hints for the first question (and still am in the current storyline), and you might be able to reason it out with a little intuitive guesswork. It involves you really questioning the "facts" stated by the comic in general, so be creative! The second I've only really dropped one hint and requires some serious guessing. XD You should be able to amuse me greatly with either question.<P>Anyway, that's about it. If you have any questions or comments, please post them here in this thread. But again, no entries can be posted here--they must be emailed to me (Sapheire@aol.com). Good luck! <P>Alice
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