Postby Braen on Wed Oct 03, 2001 2:21 am

<IMG SRC=""> Hear that voice inside you:<P>"Aaaaaaliceeeee.... you don't want to play with your Playstation... you want to draw your coooooomic... Draaaaaaw... draaaaw..."<P> <IMG SRC=""> I know, more scaring than inspiring... but I must try. :P The story is getting very interesting... I want moooooore!!!<P>------------------
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Postby Lina Inverse on Wed Oct 03, 2001 8:50 am

listen to the voices in your head! They're not coming from right beside your ear or from your computer! We swear!<P>right guys?<P>
*whistles innocently*<P>Lina Inverse
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Postby Gillikin on Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:06 am

~Fate Martyr Sapheire!~ ~You must draw more!~ ~Oooh~ ~Draw Alice, draw!~ <P>By the way, when my EE professor was teaching us about Finite State Machines, he kept abbrivating them as FSM. I kept thinking they were Fate Sapheire Martyrs, or something, 'cause every time I saw FSM, I thought of the comic. I've got a one track mind, eh?
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Postby Shawn of clan carson on Thu Oct 04, 2001 8:17 am

Draw is good. story must progress or fans get ugly <IMG SRC="">.... must get fms fix
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Postby Sapheire on Fri Oct 05, 2001 10:57 am

well, now that I can finally get online... I will be continuing the comic! actually, I haven't been playing the playstation TOO much. I've been spending time with my mom while I'm home. ^_^ But... I'm gettting a little more motivated, I'm not giving up here, I will get it back on a schedule and it will be cool. Yess... Motivation..... ^^;;;;;<P>So sorry about the delay--but I'm happy you're interested in the plot! I'll get it going again. I'm going to have an all new contest too, this one more of a guessing sort of thing that doesn't particularly require specific talent. ^_^ should be fun, I'll keep you posted!<P>Alice <IMG SRC="">
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Postby ~Dragoness~ on Sat Oct 06, 2001 5:03 am

Yessssss... You muuusssstttt continueeee... <P>^_~ I know how you feel, I just got PS2 and I'm hooked. So.. I won't stop you from playing it and having quality time with your mom ^^;;
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