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Postby Sapheire on Sat Sep 29, 2001 9:04 am

the next page (it will actually post sunday, and break my bi-daily scedule, yes) will be a guest page by my friend/original fms reader who is working on the side story fms comic that I told you guys about a while ago. (yep, that's still coming). Unlike my last guest page, this one actually does have to do with the story, and follows suit with the last page I posted. After that I'll be posting a teaser for the same side story comic (Monday's page). My work will return for tuesday. I hope you like his work, I really do. We have different styles for sure, but he knows my comic and my characters extremely well. <P>The side story, by the way, WILL NOT interrupt fms' plot in any way, it won't even be on this same webpage, although I'll for sure link it on the main page. Please don't write me about the story interfereing with my comic, because it isn't going to. ^_~ But it looks like it will be really cool, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. My friend and I do really great collaberation work together--I'm putting in alot of imput, and the ties to FMS look like they're going to be really cool. <P>Enjoy!
Alice ^^
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Postby Lina Inverse on Sat Sep 29, 2001 10:17 am

That sounds spiffy! Guest stuff is all heart-warmy and stuff. I nearly died of joy when I got my first fanart. Sometime I shall draw ye fanart and it shall be fun. ^ - ^<P>
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Postby ~Dragoness~ on Sun Sep 30, 2001 6:48 am

*Confused* Ah, it was a pretty page. I recognized the drawing right when I saw it, then I remembered that cute little page a while ago - by Jed, isn't it? The drawing is so sophisticated, I can't wait to see this comic of his ^_^
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Postby Gillikin on Sun Sep 30, 2001 8:27 am

I looked at the page, and thought, when did Alice start posting every day again. Then I went, when did Alice start drawing like that. The I realized, guest page. A very well drawn guest page, to boot. I really do like it, and your friend has got lots of talent. I'll be interested to see what he's got cooking. <IMG SRC="">
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Postby SlinkyAvenger on Mon Oct 01, 2001 12:05 am

Muahahaha! Just thought I'd stop in and say: MAHVELOUS work, always,of course. I can't wait to see this collaboration, it already looks cool! ^_^<P>-Slinky Avenger <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> (yes, I DID start it up again...craaazzyy...)
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