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Posted: Wed May 02, 2001 1:24 am
by Kern
If you want suggestion then...
it would be fun to see how vaela handle some sort of drunk or stupid man who insult her.
After all, she a small girl holding a 2 hand sword who look really too much heavy for her ^_^.
Not much action, but still a bit more.

Posted: Wed May 02, 2001 9:37 am
by Kern
Alice said she want people to comments her manga pages, so what are you waiting for? <IMG SRC=""><P>Comments:
The sword really look thick and sharp, and the hair like usual is extremely well done.
Trought the bad point is, i would have wanted to see the scary vaela ^_^, maybe you should put up the manga pages you removed in another html section.<P>finally, another webmaster want to join the banner exchange, i wait for the answer from the last one i contacted, and then i will start it.
Chibi are tasty ^_^
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Posted: Wed May 02, 2001 9:52 am
by Kern
*think hard, must find idea*....
Nothing nice nor serious come to me right now ^_^