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Postby Screwball McGoo [gDC] on Thu Jun 28, 2001 3:10 am

Among the incredible myriad of text strings that has brought people to Nerdz, my reference to Lesko's revenge certainly seems to be high up on the list right now.<P>Explot: If you give me a link, the rule of thumb is that I put your name and a link up with the next comic. I'm going to skip you this evening in the off chance that you have a link.<P>I enjoyed Lesko's Revenge as well. Perhaps too much at the time. <P>Lots of us here are silly.<P>------------------
Alright, so I have nothing to say. Did we really need this space to prove it?
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Postby Explotamickey on Thu Jun 28, 2001 4:24 am

So I see I am among like beings.I love Lesko's revenge,and will build a shrine to it,ummm.........in 76786 days.Yeah,that's it.Anyways,I am Explotamickey,and don't know if I'm really welcome here,but I am happy to see others that don't feel the need to be serious.<P>------------------
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