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Postby Wimpystuntmen on Thu Oct 18, 2001 8:28 am

Mike, and others out there,<P>would you pay the approx. $4.75 per month to see the PREMIUM comics on Keenspot? I'm guessing NO because there is already so much high quality content out there which is free.
So if you had a favourite keenspot comic would you be willing to pay if , for instance, it meant that if you didn't you would never see that comic again?
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Postby Yupyop on Fri Oct 19, 2001 5:39 am

Tough question. I'd say no, yet I pay for book collections of comics. I'm a fan of OVER THE HEDGE but my WebTV compresses it at so I can't read it. Yet I don't buy the L.A. Times that carries OVER THE HEDGE.
There are very few comics I'd pay to read. If I had to chose between buying a newspaper or paying for it on the web I'd pick the newspaper every time. I love Mark Tonra's work and I can't find it anywhere else but the web, so I'd pay for that. I'd pay to read new CITIZEN DOG or reprints of KING AROO and POLLY & HER PALS. There are many webcomics I enjoy. I'm a regular customer at Plan 9 publishing. But there is not one webcomic I would pay to read on the web.
I also believe if syndicated cartoonists can't survive on what they make, and many can't, charging for comics on the web will not solve the starving webcartoonist's problems.
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Postby Throbbin Johnny on Wed Oct 31, 2001 6:05 am

Pay almost $60.00/year for toons? No. Now, if Johnny could pay a reasonable fee, like $4.99-$9.99/year that might happen. Besides, Johnny honestly doen't read many spot comics, only Sinfest and Down To Earth. Most of the KeenSpot toons aren't very funny...<P>If there was one webpage that featured ALL comics, web and print, and you could select a certain amount for, like, $4.99, and unlimited toons for like, $9.99, that could work. Right now, J.Diddy reads a total of 5-10 toons. 2 webtoons, and the rest syndicated. IJO...<P>"Throbbin' Johnny
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