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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2001 1:50 am
by Yupyop
Over at ToonTalk in Loose Parts thread there was some interesting discussion about colorizing black and white dailies. Jeff, do you prefer your work in b&w or color?, the Tribune site offers "Loose Parts" as a panel and a strip so you can compare formats. It is the first comic I've read where I prefer the panel version. His gags are visually simple. This leaves too much empty space at the sides of the strip making the art look squashed. What do the rest of you think?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2001 10:53 am
by Wimpystuntmen
I'll answer this briefly then come back to it again once I read what I've missed at toontalk.<P>I'm not sure which I like better really. I started this site up in black and white to give anyone looking a chance to see what it might look like in the paper. Most of the shades are as seen on paper and not done via the computer either. <P>With colourization I find its easier to get away with less art or a lower quality drawing. Its definitely a skill to use just black and white and make it look good visually.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2001 11:41 am
by Wimpystuntmen
In the context of what was written at toontalk I wouldn't want a third party coloring my work. As far as what I prefer, I think I like the black and white better but again I'm not sure why.<P>With Loose Parts I'm not surprised the panel looks better seeing as he draws the panel then converts it to a strip. If I drew mine that way I'd have the same problem. I go through my work and look at which gags visually I think will work better in strip shape or panel shape and draw them specifically to that shape. But I admire Dave's work ethic to do both.<P>BTW, I drew a couple panels with the human Eric for The New Breed but he doesn't have the same impact. I'll have to keep experimenting but I think as Elephant Tales will only stay on the web I don't see the need in changing him from an Elephant now. If I have any success with the new breed any relevant gags that once used Eric will be replaced by whatever I happen to draw in his place (a change of face and name).<P>Oh, and it was interesting to hear that Saturdays was the low day. In Australia (well at least my state) Saturday is by far the biggest circulation - I know coz I toured the paper during a course I was doing. I think the same applies all over Australia. It was just interesting to find out.