Why the comic from the 7th is late. This is a good story!

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I was almost killed last night. Let me explain.<P>My good friend Dan T. (T for Thibeault) and I were at Rock Climbing (capital letters denote coolness). Now, Rock Climbing always involves a certain risk - you know, because you're CLIMBING UP ROCK FACES. Anyway, when one climbs, they have someone else manning (or womanning, I guess) the "belay line," which is basically the emergency rope in case the climber loses their grip or footing, and falls. This rope is easy to hold to to the leverage set up using special knots and stuff.<P>Anyway, I was belaying for Dan, who was getting near the top of a section of the rock face that we climb often. This time, he suddenly yelled "ROCK!!" several times. Very loudly. Sounding panicked.<P>ROCK! was right! This bastard rock must've weighed more than me - until it broke into three pieces on its way down the face. The chunk that was STILL as heavy as me (at least) was heading straight for me, very fast.<P>I could've high-tailed it out there, but I thought Dan had been right on top of the rock when it broke loose, so I didn't want to let go of the rope in case he was dangling on the other end.<P>Everything went in slow-mo. Why do bad things always happen in bloody slow motion? Anyway, I got as far from where I was standing as I could without letting go of the belay line, but it wasn't far enough. "El Rocko" (Dan and I named it "Zeus") rolled once or twice when it landed VERY close to me, and without losing any speed, pulled a Joe Hardy and jumped my leg.<P>I thought for a minute that my leg was broken, but it didn't hurt (much), so I helped some other people get off the various faces (after giving Dan's belay to someone else), and watched Dan rappel down (turns out he had had a good grip on the wall, so if I was an a**hole, I could've run from the falling rock).<P>It turns out that my leg is only EXTREMELY bruised (and painful) and fairly scraped. So it's all pretty good, except for it hurting like hell. No-one else was hurt, so everything turned out okay. But if Dan hadn't yelled "rock," it would've been WAAAAAY worse.<P>THAT is why we call "rock" when rocks fall.<P>The end result, of course, is that walking is difficult, driving is easy, and my comic is late. Two for tomorrow, faithful fan(s).<P>Whoot!!
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