Kings Dominion!

Postby Shastar25 on Tue Jun 19, 2001 9:55 am

Ok folks, here is the official announcement.<P>The big Kings Dominion gathering is going to be held on july 21st. We will meet at the front enterance at 10:30, and move into the park from there. I or
somebody will be holding up a big sign saying "Neko Group" or something like that so we will be easy to find. at 11 we will enter the park and then as a
group, head over to one of the rides (my vote is for either Volcano or Outer Limits, as I didn't get a chance to ride Volcano last year and Outer Limits just kicks ass) and see if we could take over the whole ride. Maybe we could do a rousing rendition of a
popular anime song as we go up^_^<P>anyway, after that first ride, it's
go-where-you-want-to time, until, say, 3 PM where we will meet in the waterpark and try to kick lots of
people out of the Wave pool^_^<P>then it'll just be hang out and have fun for the rest of the day.<P>If anyone gets a hotel room for the night before, maybe we could have a nice little room party. watch some anime, hang out, laugh do nothing serious.<P>also, there seems to have been some confusion. this event is NOT invitation only. If you want to come and have fun, if you know someonw that wants to come and have fun, by all means, come! We don't want anyone to think that they shouldn't come because they are not
welcome. No, everyone is welcome to come, hang out, relax, and enjoy themselves.<P>Anyway, hope to see lots of you there, for more info on Kings Dominion, go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>Also, if anyone is walking around and they find a bunch of those "get $5 off admission coupons" snag a handful and help your fellow partyers out^_^<P>see ya there!<P>Dan<P>
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