Amacon One ... woot woot!

Postby ZOMBIE USER 1252 on Sun Jun 17, 2001 2:48 am

I literally JUST got back from Anime Mid-Atlantic (known hereafter in my mind and heart as Amacon). Z3n1g4t4 0wnz j00! ph33r z3n1s l33t p1mp1ng sk1llz!<P>And yes, Mich DID play with the handcuffs. I kissed a complete stranger and got rewarded with a goth winged catboy ... Scott Frazier kissed multiple people onstage, including me. And Lantz-kun can apparently have breakfast in that trunk, but he can't hear me undo the latches. *kick*<P>Oh, almost forgot. TEXAS!!!<P>And don't worry, Lupin-sama, it happens to everybody.<P>We will have a photo-enhanced con diary as soon as Mich develops the pics. Steve, Rob, Scott, Don ... if you guys have any in particular you don't want seen by the general public ... well ... heh heh heh.<P>Staff suite orgies are good, incidentally.<P>And whoever stole the fraggin' DVD, I will see j00 in hell.<P>Oh, yes, there will be a list of quotes, including the following three to tantalize you.<P>"Dammit, don't yell 'Kroger' without a really good reason!"<P>"Steve! Bring head!"<P>"You just don't know how to touch a monkey."<P>Best fishes 'til then.
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Postby Shastar25 on Sun Jun 17, 2001 7:59 am

yup, AMA ruled the world, at least for this weekend. I had a great time at the con, and especially had fun playing with Rumy-Chan's knees^_~<P>Oh, another quote to add to the list"<P>"I wore myself out on the Dick's"<P>anyway, talk at you crazy folks later<P>Dan
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Postby Maccabee on Tue Jun 19, 2001 10:26 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rumy-chan:
Staff suite orgies are good, incidentally.
</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Hey!! I never told you about-- Oh. Never mind. This has nothing to do with me. :sweatbead:
Risus est telum ultimum contra tyrranem. Nullus dictator exercitibus allibus ridiculem vulgi longe resistare potest.
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