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Postby 8-Bit Avenger on Mon Apr 01, 2002 10:18 pm

There's nowhere to get any damn NES roms anymore...
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Postby Muzzy Roberto on Tue Apr 02, 2002 7:44 am

Nope. It's hard to find Mojo Nixon CDs as well, but you don't hear me complaining
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Postby Petersonhank on Tue Apr 02, 2002 4:33 pm

try, it takes awhile to load but at least you can get the roms.
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Postby Red Comet on Wed Apr 17, 2002 9:00 am

This is site has tons of roms for many systems. Problem is it has a hard time staying up (technical reasons I think). Definitly in the last two years Rom site have been disappearing.
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Postby Czarrillo on Wed Apr 17, 2002 1:16 pm

If it doesn't have Mojo Nixon then the store could use some fixin'.
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Postby Frogurt on Thu Apr 18, 2002 6:57 pm

Milkmen, rock.
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