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Postby Kingmissile on Sun Jul 22, 2001 5:01 am

welcome to australian nightly nothing news and i'm going to tell you about some bullshit that i either found or just made up. last night i watch a docomentary on cable about TOOL. very cool. had all the film clips ever made, including a new one, schism. i am going to see them in concert this tuesday and i think it might be very very very fucking brilliant maybe.
this morning i saw a king missile film clip for detachable penis. was good to see except that the bloody station censored it by putting this big black square over the pictures of the dick. how annoying is that? i wanted to see his dick and the bloody idiots wouldn't let me see his dick. I am so stressed because i have not be able to fulfill my day by being allowed to witness the unveiling of his dick. was it big, was it round? was it straight or curved around? was it pimply was it smooth? could it fit so nicely in a groove? all these questions. all these unanswered unwanted questions. gimme his dick. i want his dick. the only thing that looks good on me is his dick!!!!
but i'm not gay.
ps. don't forget to wind your clocks back, or forward, twenty four hours. <P>----------<P>i couldn't work out how to do a real signature so i decided that i would just replicate what a signature would look like if i had have actually bothered to try and work out how to get a signature. its very easy i'm sure. however having said all that and having spent the last three hours replicating the way a signature would look... i can't think of anything to write for my signature. oh why didn't i think of that before?
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Postby DrPhizZ on Sun Jul 22, 2001 10:29 am

One of Dr Seuss' earlier works, from his experimentation period.<P>------------------
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