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Postby DrPhizZ on Sun Jul 08, 2001 3:40 am

so, what does everyone think of the new strips? Comments? Suggestions? Naked women?<P>and before anyone says anything - I will change the forums when I have decided on a final site layout.<P>and you people should talk on these forums more, you make me feel unwanted.<P>and before anyone says anything - don't make any stupid jokes about me being unwanted. You're not funny - it isn't even a joke, you're just being mean. Stop feeding yourself off the broken feelings of other people you sadistic asshats.<P>------------------
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Postby Kingmissile on Sun Jul 22, 2001 4:42 am

what is unwanted? is it when all you really want for christmas is a gap where your two front teeth are? is it a political stab at the UNITED NATIONS? there are many many questions and only a few of those are really questions at all. therefore there is no point in answering because all unanswered questions are unwanted questions and an unwanted question is something i'm still trying to figure out. you can't unwant a present if it turns out to be much more crappy than the enticing advertisments on television.
none of this is relevant but i am feeling unwanted and so i want write jargon gibberish as it is a vent for my repressed hostility.<P>the comic strips are great. the latest one with the no-punch-line punch line, was trite and cliched but apart from that the drawings are fantastic and the one about the blow job is hilarious. keep up the good work!!!!<P>that is all.
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