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i have the new tool album, as usual TOOL have managed to sustain their level of ingenuity and musical revolution. although i haven't listened to it enough times to know the words or the song melody, it still has the same sort of style as their previous album, AENIMA. a lot of ear candy. 78 minutes on the clock. some tracks are JUST ear candy or soft musical segues. the front and reverse cover is brilliant as is always. marvellous drawings composed and drawn by adam jones the bass guitarist. overall a worthwhile investment for those of you who have become interested in the previous albums.
i officialy have everything i ever wanted and more including a dvd player, one massive panasonic TV hooked up to foxtel and the neat stereo system i purchase a while ago. satin silky sheets for my bed along with a mink blanket that feels as soft as my new nicole kidman lookalike girlfriend who i get to sleep with me most nights. couldn't be happier. well, i could, but it isn't out yet. the NEW GAME CUBE!!!!!! would be nice.

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Tonight I am the proud owner of Lateralus.<P>I just finished listening to "reflection"<P>So far my favourite songs are "parabol/parabola" followed closley by "The Grudge" and "Schism"<P>all of the songs are good. I'm only counting songs, not ear candy stuff. I would have liked something a little more groundbreaking in the earcandy stuff but the great songs make up for it.<P>The lady at the CD store said there was something written on the head of the guy in the booklet. I have a feeling it has something to do with the crack on his head on page 2. I think it says Maynard but I could be mistaken. I could have missed it completley and I'm trying to read into a stupid crack. Anyone able to shed light on this mystery word?<P>(note to Joe: It sounds alot better on headphones that work)<P>I'll probably end up listening to this over and over and over until either my ears bleed to death (causing the rest of me to follow in suit) or the CD gets ruined or some other unforseen event happens (like, I-don't-know, aliens or something) or I just get bored of listening to it.<P>And since when did not knowing the lyrics ever bother you Ryadan?<P>I thought it said "watch the weather channel" until I realised four repeats later that it actually said "watch the weather change"<P>I'm up to Faaip De Oiad now and about to end this<P>------------------
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