Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Postby Prax on Sun Sep 08, 2002 9:30 pm

For those of you reading this who have been here before, welcome back and thank you for your continued support, for those you who are new here, Welcome! I hope you find the comic entertaining. As always I'm happy to answer any questions and would love to hear feedback, just reply to this post, post a new topic or e-mail me : )

I can't wait to hear from you, remember the more moral support you give the better the chances of this comic continuing indefinitely. As of right now, I do have a definite stopping point for VRPG at the end of this storyline and am heavily leaning towards starting a new project afterwards, I may change my mind though and I do it'll be because of the fans.
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Re: Welcome Back!

Postby RavenDutchman on Mon Sep 30, 2002 1:36 am

It was a long wait but boy was it wourth it :)

I'm glad that your back on a 3 weekly update i really missed coming here everyother day.
it's a shame that so few people post here but then again i'm not really the one to complain with my few post

i just wanted to say: Good work:)
and i hope you keep on doing it. it sure bightens my days

Greetings, some dutch fan
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