Who are these People?

Postby Prax on Thu Feb 07, 2002 11:19 am

You know their individual names, Gex the big green guy, Anderson the pointy eared female member of the trio and Yabbo green haired guy in the goggles.<P>But who are these people? What are they about, where do they come from? What do they call their group? Are they merely a small section of a larger organization or is it just the three of them?<P>I leave that up to you the readers to decide. So come on, tell me who these people are.<P>--Praxis Lupine
"Perception is everything, including reality."
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Postby Jopem on Mon Feb 18, 2002 5:37 pm

I believe they are comic characters that are no doubt manifestations of something within the deep dark recesses of your mind.

Either that or they're metaphors for the capitalist pigs in this rapidly changing third world economy and unstable intellectual positivism.

Hmmm...maybe I'm over thinking this...

Oh well...I suppose you'll enlighten us later.
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