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Postby Dragonel on Mon Apr 02, 2001 9:04 am

Wow, I feel like I should have a bottle of champaign to break on this puppy. I'm not going to. For one thing, champaign is expensive, and for another last time I broke a champaign bottle on my computer it played havok with my mothorboard.<P>Anyways, welcome to the VRPG message board, and congradulations on your intrepid desire to seak out every nook and cranny of this website. Your dilligence tells me that you're either really impressed with us, or really bored. It's okay if your bored. We all get bored. But if anyone asks, just say we really grabbed you. It'll help boost prax's ego and maybe keep him from slacking. The beatings don't seem to be having the same emotional impact anymore ;-D<P>Anyways, this is our forum. Feel free to share your questions, comments, and suggestions about the comic here, or just vent your spleen. I've allways been a big fan of random blurbs of communication floating aimlessly across the internet. It works in teen chat rooms, I don't see why it wouldn't work here :-)<P>Oh, one last thing. Say what you will, but this forum is loosely moderated. Try and keep language to a PG-13, and if you really want to start a flamewar, take it to e-mail (unless it's really interesting, in which case I'm trying to talk Prax into setting up some sort of online gladatorial pit).<P>Prax is the final arbiter if what's cool and what's not, so just try and be human (not hard, it's the default setting for humans :-P) and remember: All your posts are belong to us.<P>Ugh, I can't believe I said that, but Prax said he wouldn't be putting it anywhere in the comic, and I thought "We can't be the only strip NOT to have it SOMEWHERE on our site!"<P>Anyways, welcome to our little world :-)<P>------------------
"Don't be silly, of course I know what I'm doing. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?"<P>--Dragonel
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Postby Prax on Mon Apr 02, 2001 9:26 am

Well if we're not gonna break open a bottle of champagne on the computers, I'm gonna at least break out a can of Sprite to drink in celebration <IMG SRC=""><P>Kinda nice being able to beat the crowds, I doubt any other VRPG readers will find out about this Forum until the site updates at . . . what? 1 AM due to the server load?<P>Oh well back to cartooning before someone takes out the baseball bat again. Hope to hear from you soon<P>--Prax
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