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What makes someone a geek? Glasses? A love of Science Fiction? A love of Fantasy? An obssession with something like RPGs? It's hard to quite pin it down, since it means something different to different people. Geeks are. Plus its only one label among many.<P>In my mind a Geek is someone who creates worlds. Whether out of a need to escape reality or to simply a will to create. Geeks have imagination, intelligence, passion and heart. The imagination to create their own worlds and not rely on those created by others. The intelligence to see stupidity for what it really is and laugh. The passion to create and to continue creating even when the world crushes them down and the heart to understand and empathize with dreams.<P>It's harsh in a world that still doesn't tend to understand as a whole and sometimes actively tries to suppress dreams and make them seem impossible to achieve. It's harder to try and bring the dreams to the masses when an iron claw is ready to choke the dreamers to steal the dreams and prepackage them for convenient prices.<P>Dream a little dream. Put a star in the heavens and keep another in your heart. Never say die.<P>--Praxis Lupine

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Here here.

We need more geeks.

Not another Bill Gates though.

Don't think I could stand a carbon copy of Mr Megomania walking around.

Dream on muse, dream on.

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Bill Gates is not a geek. If you are rich you can

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In my mind, a geek is somebody who tries to hard to be themselves, but themselves appears to be someboyd that nobody tries *that* hard to be friends with.

You all knew who the geeks were in your highschool. Did you try to be friends?