Back Up On the Web!!

Back Up On the Web!!

Postby Captain Mike on Wed Jan 29, 2003 9:14 pm

*Captain Mike does a little dance*

WHOO HOO!!! I'm back! Did ya miss me?!?
Keen has been having all kinds of server trouble but it looks like we're up and running again. And more importantly back and updating.

The site's been up and down all week but the updating has been down so if you say the site you've probably missed the latest upadates so go back and read through the archieve!!

On an even better personal note I've managed to build up a little bit of a backlog! I've got about 2 weeks of comics done so far. Usually I only manage to stay about five to seven days a head so 2 weeks is a big deal for me. my personal best was 2 months though.

Ta Ta for now!!
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