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Postby Coota on Mon Nov 05, 2001 9:08 am

I've got four fanart comics from TheTorn to complete this current storyline, I've one out of four fanart comics from NZero to start a new one, and Fool is currently in Army Reserve Signal Corps training, busily drawing away. He should have the seven strips I sent him done soon(I've already seen one finished, and gotten it colored by Mzacher). I'm also writing a six page side story for Xennet(though I'm having some creative trouble, along with busy college stuff). But I should get that to him soon. Everything is working out well. Should be relaunching in less than a month, or as soon as Fool gets back from training.<P>------------------
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Postby TheTorn on Tue Nov 13, 2001 5:03 am

Woohoo!!!!<P>My first guest strip online.<P>/me dances around like an idiot
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