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PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 12:02 am
by Toom
*jumps up and down for no good reason*

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:17 am
by Winkle
ah, twenty, might be okay, but i just hope i'm not around any friend-type people when i turn 21;)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 9:36 am
by Toom
One of my closest friends turned 22 last year. We, of course, taunted him for being so old. Tch, youth.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 10:52 am
by EsylaMcSassy
*jumps up and down excitedly*
I can't wait for my 20th...ti means there's only one more year until I can go to any show I want!!!


PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 11:26 am
by Toom
Awwwww :grin:.

I like how the legal age for drinking is 18 in the UK. And how relaxed the barkeeps and off-licence owners are. Heeee.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 1:45 pm
by Winkle

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2002 3:50 pm
by EsylaMcSassy
I don't give a flying fek about drinking...I just wish they'd let me into the freaking shows. mates of State is playing here next month and I can't go coz it's a FAWKING 21+ show. *seethes*

It should be "21+ and/or straight edgers"

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:43 am
by The Joester
i don't wanna be 20. 16 was the perfect age.

I feel so old and wrinkly now.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 12:41 pm
by Toom
It seems pretty dumb to have an age limit of 21 on a show. Most shows here have a limit of 16, and they stamp your hand if you're legally entitled to buy alcohol. So everyone gets in, but only some are drinking anyway.

You'd have to prove you're straight-edge as well. All venues would need a tame hardliner on a leash who'd sniff and bark at claimants.

For the record, I tend to only drink at shows if it's (a) a festival (b) a really crap show, but one I'm loathe to leave for whatever reason or (c) if my friends are playing, because they tend to get the beers in :grin:. Or if I'm performing myself. I am plagued by nerves at the best of times.

The other factor is that, curiously, my singing actually improves when I'm a little merry. I know everyone thinks that, but I've tested it with before-and-after recordings. Most Peculiar.

Edit: me spell bad today.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:35 pm
by EsylaMcSassy
Well, some shows are "All Ages, bar w/ ID".
But then they have to have shows earlier. Why? Because minors have to be out of places where there is alky-hool by 10pm.

Yea. it sucks.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 4:01 pm
by The Joester
the wonders of a fake id.

i haven't been to a show in a long long time. i should go to one.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2002 11:22 am
by EsylaMcSassy
*smacks alla youse for not doing action posts!*

*turns on some Australian music*

It's Dave's birthday this friday! Woohoo Dave!
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2002 4:17 pm
by EsylaMcSassy
*goes on a furious rampage*




PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2002 5:22 pm
by Elvengrrl
*thoroughly agrees*

i haven't been able to see them for a few days...

AND i was almost scared my forum had been deleted...but the list had just been mixed up, and now i'm toward the bottom. gah. something to get used to.

*pokes the forums with a sharp pointy stick*


*pokes the forums with many sharp pointy sticks*



PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2002 11:14 am
by Toom
*thoroughly agrees*

Me no like! Me want different forum! Me suggest EZBoard instead :).

*kicks forum with punky steel toecaps*

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2002 4:04 pm
by EsylaMcSassy
eh, even those these foruyms really suck, i hesitate to use another service, for several reasons: a, i hate ezboard. and they have tons of shitty pop-up ads. b, i really want tio encourage people to use the message board more, and i figure most people reading the comic allready have a keenspace account. is that assumption way off base?

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2002 10:34 am
by The Joester
*shakes head*

*hates these furoms*

no one has posted on mine since we got them. it's horrible! but yeah, so is ezboard.

*can't like anyone who spells "easy" e-z, especially if they have pop-ups*

*counsels patience*

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2002 5:58 am
by The Moose King
*expects these forums will start running smoothly soon enough*

*eats pie, listens to Weezer*

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2002 5:59 am
by The Moose King
*also, points out his 21st birthday is tomorrow*

*remembers his Samuel Johnson exam is also tomorrow*

*swears extensively*

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2002 3:09 pm
by EsylaMcSassy
oi! the forums are back! keep posting!