Postby Bob the Lord of Evil on Wed Apr 18, 2001 5:17 am

Well, I'm getting the hits, but why is no one on the board? Don't you people think I suck? Tell me so! Tell Drew his artwork rules and I lucked out to get him! COme on kiddies, bash me! I can take it...<P>Or say nice things with flowers and aquiggly lines and smiley faces. That'd be nice too.<P>People people talk to me
Then we'll see what will be
What will be is what will be
As I know you, you know me
So talk to me, uhhhhH!<P>------------------
I am a lumberjack.
And I am OK.
But I work all night
And I sleep all day
So I will never be in Monty Python
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Postby Kev of the Apocalypse on Wed Apr 18, 2001 5:33 am

Don't worry Bob.
Only reason anyone posts to my board is because they're personal friends (and the cast of Kota's World)! People just don't talk! I love the strip! It's great! Great job, Drew AND Bob!!<P>------------------
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Postby Javaman on Wed Apr 18, 2001 7:57 am

I am not a personal friend of bob...<P>ohh wait i am of drew...<P>i guess that nullifies me
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Postby Eric Leppala on Thu Apr 19, 2001 1:00 am

I don't like Bulliten Boards, and I think that there are a lot of people like me out there. I think you oughta set up a new board at <a href="http://www.boardhost.com">Boardhost</a>. Their boards are set up like WWWBoards, plus, you don't have to register to post on them. <P>The only downside is that they have advertisements on the board if yer not willing to pay. Except for that, they're pretty good.<P>I'd look into it.<P>Eric
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Postby Gravity on Thu Apr 19, 2001 6:00 am

I wouldn't consider the amount of posters on a board how successfull your comic is. People are lazy in nature/ I have tons of readers now for Gravity but only like 5-6 regulars come around the board here. I think the registering really turns them off.<P>As for boards, I'd suggest an EZboard, because once you sign up, your name works on all easy boards!Chances are you've already signed up for it at one time or another. This would bring in folks from ohter great boards like over at blambot.com.... -- <P>Anyway, I gotta get back to the board. Still got tons of strips to draw for both comics!<P>------------------
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