New site design, new comic design

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New site design, new comic design

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Trying to get our style down, this box doesnt work exactly like i'd hoped but it works well enough, were hoping to bring more awarness to the forum by moving it to this Iframe on the main page. B's busy everyday perfecting the style of the comic, expect to see the story arc start again with new art that is better then anything we've had before (if the different trials Ive gotten are an indicator) Anyway feel free to drop a line in the forum.

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CollegeSux's Destination? Unknown!

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Hello to you J & B
The names Mike, I'm a newcomer, College Sux's road trip as caught my attention since it started around Oct. 14. I wanted to tell you guys that the story isn't suppose to make to much sence about where the characters are going because it's a road trip & there's always unexpected events happening in it. So don't change a thing & continue your adventure on meeting this Shane character. Also, I just have one question to ask you guys, whatever happen between Feb.01, 2001 to Jan.18, 2002? - Psuedo semi-adult content that rocks your world!!!

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Make Comic Genesis Keenspace Again!

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Toxic wrote:DEAD!
But only a little bit.
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