Congratulations, Pam and Innis!

Postby Tangent on Thu Oct 04, 2001 5:48 am

You managed to draw me into your twisted little tale of invisible non-imaginary purple ducks and the girl they torment. <IMG SRC=""> Which is quite a feat, considering that in the year since I've started reading web comics, I've fought hard to keep from gaining new ones (took me a month to go from CotC to CRFH, and then another couple months before I started reading others... I think I'm up to 15 now).<P>It was your crossover with Glych's No Stereotypes that did it, of course. And the fact that it's a cute and fun strip. I rather enjoy it. <IMG SRC=""><P>Keep up the great work, you two. And here's to the day you bring the comic up to 5 days a week. <IMG SRC=""> *toasts Pam & Innis*<P>------------------
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