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Postby AnimeCanuck on Thu Jul 19, 2001 8:14 am

Awww!!!<P>You plugged my site! *sniffle*<P>How sweet! *wipes a tear from her eye*<P>Next time I plug, I'll plug yours!<P>Oh.. and I'm using blogger for my news too.. but not on my site. How do you get it to be on your site??<P>Anyways... THANKYOU!!!! (for plugging Thermalyte! and for calling me cool. hehe)<P>Oh yeah.. and one more thing.. I've made you a banner! (well sort of.. its not finished) I just need a pic of a coloured Henry and I should be done it. It matches the new banners for my comic I'm doing. (only its Purple, not Orange) Speaking of which, I've got Photoshop 6 now! So I should be able to try that cool colouring technique you sent me in the mail! FINALLY!!!<P>Anyways.. I gotta go to bed. Oh yeah. And I think my new page is up. See ya!<P>God Bless!
(hehe! that was a funny strip, and a funny movie!) <P>------------------
-AnimeCanuck<P>And while your reading my most-likely idiotic post, you might as well check out my comic:
<A HREF="http://thermalyte.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>Thermalyte</A><P>*big cheesy grin*<P>Thanks.
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