Postby Dinkdashaun on Thu Jul 26, 2001 9:05 am

There has been NOTHING lately in the gravy! Why!!!!!! I am Not taking this very well. I am unhappy with you matt. Do something... Please. Happy about PBS. That is it. Get in gear.
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Postby The Namekian on Mon Jul 30, 2001 9:07 am

Yeah where are you Matt? Don't make me start singing the theme to Carmen Sandiego, I will.
Where in the world is Matt... um... Sandiego.
Yeah that's the ticket.<P>I know you were probably busy with the Roost, but comeone it's been more than a month now. Almost two months in fact.<P>Where in the world is Matt Sandiego.
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Postby Howie on Thu Aug 02, 2001 12:26 am

Matt's been taking procrastination lessons from me. o_0<P>Incidentally, I *just* began updating my site again... <P><P>------------------
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Postby McFrugal on Sun Aug 05, 2001 3:43 am

I'm starting to get worried too. 2 months of no updates can't be good.<P>
Frugality is key.
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