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Postby Medea104 on Thu Mar 14, 2002 11:33 am

Just wanted to say your comics is great. ^-^ I love elves! ^-^ But there is one little thing, not very important, but since I'm such a nitpicker... Beh.
In Vashti's profile it says that she was a member of some Hebrew tribe, but Vashti is an old persian name...
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Postby Emily Teal Young on Thu Mar 14, 2002 9:31 pm

Very astute of you. ;D Vashti was named after Queen Vashti, from the Jewish holiday of Purim, and was named so because her parents wanted her to be a strong woman who did not sell herself out, as Vashti of the story was. They got a little more than they bargained for with our Hunter, methinks...

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