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Postby Emily Teal Young on Mon Apr 30, 2001 8:51 am

This is just to establish the rules of the forum.<P>...........................<P>Feodor: There are some kind of rules, right?<P>Uh, not really... Please don't swear or discuss, ya know, perverted stuff...<P>Feodor: ::laughs:: "Perverted stuff?"<P>Uh, feel free to discuss anything about TBE whatsoever, ask questions to be answeredm give your comments, even plot ideas, because although the story is mostly worked out, I'm interested in seeing ideas others might have, and you may see your idea incorporated in some way.<P>In addition, feel free to discuss life in general. Who says a comic forum has to be just for comics?<P>Feodor: And post us questions on the Ask and Elf thread. Anything you like, we'll answer.<P>So long as it's not perverted!<P>Feodor: Like that matters? Go ahead and talk about how much you love me and want to make shrines to me and how great Russia is...<P>... Well, yeah, just talk. ^^ Questions very much welcome and appreciated, idle chitchat welcome as well, even just saying hi...<P>~Em
(and Feodor)
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