Keenspace troubles.

Postby Mofo on Mon Oct 01, 2001 2:29 am

I guess they're having server problems or something. That's why there's been no strip, kids. <P>We're 2,212 in the queue of people to be updated. I didn't even know there were 2,212 strips that updated ON Keenspot. Go figure.<P>------------------
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Postby Mean^ween on Mon Oct 01, 2001 2:52 am

Only thing about keenspace is that like 3/4 of the comics dont actually ahve any comics! Its ridiculous! I went through their archives to see if there was anything worth reading other than warp9 and i found absolutely nothing. So there are over 21212 shitty strips out there getting updated before warp9. <IMG SRC=""><P><P>------------------
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Postby J on Mon Oct 01, 2001 3:53 am

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