For Those Who May Still Be Around...

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For Those Who May Still Be Around...

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Okay, to let you know, Dan and I have been unable to get into the forums for about... oh... a little under two years now. I've found the problem and have fixed it on my end, I just need to check on Dan's end and get it resolved there as well.

It's a lot easier for me to provide an update on events here in the forum rather than type up an html file for my newsbox on the main page, so here goes...

Is LGW dead? Not really, more of a comatose state. I've been on other projects the past couple of years (which is why the main site scripts still aren't finished). Dan is currently engaged and getting ready for the wedding, which has been announced for mid-March. Also, he's been rather busy with school and helping his parents around their place over the past year or so. Obviously, this means that neither one of us have really had the time to come back to this site much or really think about what we're doing with the comic.

So, for now, she sits in this comatose state while we wait and decide whether we want to get back to it when the time presents itself or just simply shut off life support. If any of you have any thoughts or feelings on the matter, let us know (and maybe send a congrats on up to Dan on the engagement if you haven't done so already!).

Godlike Lord 'o the Sith out.

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So like will someone kick her around a bit...perhaps slap her into life? :evil: