Bomb Threats Shmomb Threats

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Oh boo-hoo! ONE bomb threat. I live in a miseable little trash hole and i've had FIVE bomb threats. They evacuated us the first time for about 20 minutes and sent us back in. As it turns out, two police officers and a fireman can search a two story / four winged building in under 15 minutes. They evacuated us the second time, too. That was kinda cool 'cause a friend of mine was wearing all black and was getting strange looks from teachers and security (if you want to call them that). We got sent home and some friends and I drove around scaring old people by yelling out the windows. (hehe, old people...). The next morning, they wouldn't let us in the school, but we couldn't leave the parking lot. The fourth threat, we were sent outside yet again, but only for about 45 seconds. We came back in. A couple hours later, Mighty Bomb Jack called back saying 'now the kids only have 20 minutes to live.' Now, this is where I almost die laughing every time I think of it. They evacuated us again and waited 20 minutes EXACTLY, then sent us back in. We haven't had one since, at least, not one they actually told the students about. I really hate my school. Now go off and bootleg Radiohead's new album. Lord knows I have.
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