Postby Brad J. Guigar on Mon Oct 08, 2001 8:31 am

Hey, thanks, fellas!<P>I'm really proud to be awarded the Nemesis of the Month -- and for October (my favorite month) yet!<P>This is really an honor for me. It will sit on my mantle right next to my "Boffo Webtoon Award" from BoxJam's Doodle!<P>Thanks a bunch... and I love the caricature...I'm stealing it for my own site! <IMG SRC=""><P><P>------------------
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Postby SuperJoe on Fri Oct 19, 2001 2:25 am

We probably should relpy to this, eh?
Uhh... YOU'RE WELCOME!<P>------------------
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<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>The Four Toon Tellers</A> is the last of these links. Big whoop!
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