Oh WOW #4toontellers is so COOL!!!

Postby Aeire on Sun Apr 22, 2001 10:30 am

Where else can you get conversations like this?
*[#4toontellers] PING
Quasispace - pong!
Celephais - bee?
XAeireX - C?
McMartin-inking - Q!
Quasispace - deedee
Quasispace - ack!
Erin - L!
fishbulb42 - Ni!
Celephais - shmee
XAeireX - Wai!
* XAeireX runs.
* Quasispace summons Neko Death Troops
XAeireX - EEEEE!
Celephais - no, not them!!
Quasispace - R!!!
* Quasispace turns into a pirate
* Celephais summons his Undead Corps
fishbulb42 - Aaaaaaaayyyy!
* fishbulb42 turns into Fonzie
Quasispace - it's the Fonz!
Quasispace - run!
Celephais - aie!!
XAeireX - YIE!
* Celephais wonders if zombies would be afraid of the Fonz.
* fishbulb42 snaps his fingers and every jukebox within 10 miles turns on.
*Quasispace:#4toontellers PING
XAeireX - Pong?<P>---------------
...we need more people in there or something....*giggle*<P>------------------
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