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With Yasha gone to help a friend in Florida, it's been up to me to do Thursday's comics... Well, today I do not have one due to sucky circumstances. My apartment has two deadbolt locks: one you can unlock from outside with a key, and one you can only unlock from the inside. Well, the inside lock was locked and my roommate was asleep. I swear she sleeps like the dead cuz I was pounding and kicking at the door as well as screaming for a good 3 hours, waking up the entire neighborhood in the process, and still had to end up sleeping at Yamcha Hibiki's place. Didn't even get to scan and update the comic cuz I only managed to get into the apartment just before I had to leave for work. Sorry folks. I'll see if I can get it up when I get home, granted I don't get locked out again.<P>------------------
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