Happy Birthday LOLM

Postby Maelstrom32 on Fri Feb 01, 2002 6:52 am

well here we go again.^_^ LOLM turn one year old on the second of febuary and i wanna do something special but i don't know what. So if any suggestions arise I would accept them wih gratitude.
Ummmm well I hope this storyine is making sense and i'm beginning to fear this 30 post long thread...i fear it will explode 0_o
uhhhh the end
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Postby Dedos on Fri Feb 01, 2002 7:10 am

Ack, the birthday's tomorrow!?!
I thought I had more time to prepare the surprise party!
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Postby MsMatchers on Fri Feb 01, 2002 8:51 am

GWAH!!!! Happy B-day LOLM!!!!<P>How appropriate... MsMatchers got accepted to Keenspace yesterday... 0_0 And I dont know what to do now!! **cires** Anywhooo!!<P>**Throws so,me confetti in the air and blows a BluuuurP!!!! Thing...**<P>------------------
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