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Postby Sinnerdragon on Sun Dec 30, 2001 2:15 am

...about LOLM, that I'm reading at my workplace since my comp it's broken (awww... desperation!!!!).<P>I adore the Tim Burtoniish atmosphere, and the great number of original fantastic beasties you put in it. I rarely seen such an original 'zoo', heh heh! At last I readed all the archives, and I'm eager to know why Song Hua's acting like this. But she's good inside, I think, and she's a dragong... her soul can't be so gloomy to kill a little soft and tender thing like Daven...<P>a curiosity: the guy in the down left corner of 20 sept panel: he's woody Allen?<P>See you soon, hoping my comp will rebirth from his ashes *sigh*
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Postby Maelstrom32 on Sun Dec 30, 2001 11:17 am

I hate it when computers break..its like that horrible time when my ftp was broken for a week 0_0 the horror.<P>Tim Burton is my favorite director he does the coolest shapes and shadows so if that shows up in my work a little..uhh oops. Your the first person to point that out ^_^
Hehe well your not short of original creature in your comic either one of my favorite jokes in your comic is when the mirror is broken and bunsen and beaker were in the crowd of escaping i wrong? i swear they were in there!
Its important to remember that my animals aren't half human..there just really big animals!<P>Well in regards to Song, when you owe somebody alot of money like she does you do crazy things. But your right she isn't a bad person at all..but i use the term person rather lightly, you'll see in the next series of comics.(your half right about her being a dragon, but not all the way right)<P>Alright that guy in the corner of the page on the 20th, hes a character from my other comic that will start soon Gin and Cricket
with his glasses on..i suppose he does look like Woody Allen, his eyes are really small
his name is Gilead and ironically as you compare him to Woddy allen who is always with a psychiatrist, Gilead is a psychiatrist.<P>There is a better picture of him on the 22nd
right after the picture you saw of him.<p>[This message has been edited by maelstrom32 (edited 12-30-2001).]
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