Launching new webcomic!!!!!

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Launching new webcomic!!!!!

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Friday the second issue of the world's first exclusively Internet-distributed comic book, The Belch Dimension Comics, hit the webstands. As always with a new venture, sales have been slow in the first month, but I'm hoping to see a dramatic rise by midsummer.

In the first issue, which you may preview at, we saw the return of Snakeman, aka "Hiss Hole"--a master villain banished to another dimension bya group of teenage superheroes--to earth to continue his schemes for world domination.

The second issue
( promises a Sherlock Holmes pastiche and a bent take on those great old TV game shows we all grew up with, like Double Dare--the ones where you had to pay a physical challenge for a wrong answer.

In the third issue (, which will go on sale next month, our heroes learn the S&F corporation, who is providing the vending services for a local street fair, is actually a front for Hiss Hole's criminal empire. What's the old snake up to this time? And can the Treehouse Warriors put a stop to this poison-punch perfidy?

Belch Dimension will be distributed via e-mail until I figure out a way to inexpensively manufacture and ship a print version. You may order the latest copy of the book for one buck, or a year's subscription for ten, by writing to Smoking Cat Productions, PO Box 2, Armorel AR 72310. Order now and get a free gift.

I'm also looking for other artist and writers at Smoking Cat who are looking to branch out into full-length scripts, because I'm hoping in time to make other titles available. I'm inviting our own Kat to partner with me to produce a comic-length Mosquito Creek (Sassafrass Roots) or Blue Canary comic, because I've been a great fan of hers since our days together at The Herald. Any other interested artists can get in touch with me at

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