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Comic will be out on the 10th or 11th

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2002 7:35 pm
by Bluecanary
ok, it's drawn, inked and scanned!
i'm just in the process of coloring it.

that's right, color, not greyscale.
i figured, since i didn't have a real update in so long, you deserved a nice pretty comic.
i'm pullin' out all the stops for this one! even my new wacom will get some use in coloring. think of it like the top half of the noir strip, only better.

however, this takes some time and i do have to be at work early in the morning. so, i'm coloring when i have time after work. sorry 'bout that.

also, after a few strips, i have decided that i really like the 2 panel by 3 panel size layouts i've been doing. there will still be time when i go back to the old four panel newspaper layout, but for now i think i'll stick with this one. 8^)

good news, though, i do have the comic after that scripted and the layout sketched, so all i have to do is draw after i finish this one...

i'm gonna work on the comic a little more and go to bed.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2002 6:19 pm
by Kev of the Apocalypse
Coolness! Once again I will look forward to storylines and new art.
One question on coloring and one on art though.

First, are you using layers? Believe it or not I just recently figured out how to use them! It makes the job much easier I've found.

Second, how do you get such clean lines on your art?! I still have trouble with that. Is it something with Photoshop or do you have some other way of smoothing them out?
Just curious.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2002 7:19 pm
by BJ
I'll second that first question (?) and add that I STILL haven't figured out how to use layers. Can you guys explain? Pleeeeeze?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:11 pm
by Bluecanary
sleep! sugar high levels decreasing...

hmmm, on my art.
i'm trying to think of what i do.
after the pencils, i ink with a disposable technical pen. usualy a micron pigma. i erase the pencil, scan the art...
i do hav ea habit of thickening the outline around my characters themsleves to make them stand out from the backgrounds (when i draw them.)

after it's on my computer, i play around with the brightness and contrast levels if i'm using corel photopaint (the levels if i scan it into photoshop) so i can get rid of the grays my scanner produces and make the black and white stand out. it gives it a cleaner look.
does that help, kev?

yup, i use layers. or objects in corel photopaint or painter. i use alot of programs, but not all of them for one comic. just whatever suits my mood.
weird, huh.

i find that it helps if you set the layer from "normal" to "mulitply," so that anything you draw on that layer shows up behind the black lines on your original art. very cool. also it's easier to use them because if i goof up and can't undo, i can just delete that one layer and not the other layers (if any) or the art i so painstakingly scanned in as two pieces and put together...saves time and keeps me from harming my fellow man.
i'll show you how to do that multiply thing tomorrow.

i'll try to explain what i know on layers tomorrow for ya, bj. right now i need sleep.
i'll try to find some links on on using layers for ya.


photoshop layers for comic coloring 101

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2002 6:48 am
by Bluecanary
*yawn* ok, morning and lets see if i can explain this layer thingie...
i'm not for sure where your knowledge level is on this, so please don't be insulted if i explain something that you know already.

in photoshop (presuming that is what you use. it's very similar in corel photopaint only the layers are called objects there.things work the same but are called different things and are put in different locations. i'll explain that when i get through with the comic tonight, if you want. i don't have that program here at work...)

when you open photoshop and get an image scanned in, there should be a little window labeled "layers." don't see it? goto the menus on the top, select "window," then when it drops down, select "show layers."

in the layers window, click the little arrowheard pointing right and another dropdown appears. this is how you get new layers, delete layers and how you flatten (or combine) them all when you are through. this is good because without it you can only save your image as a photoshop file. if you use lots and lots of layers, periodically flattening them to save memory is good. but for your comic, you shouldn't have to worry about that. make sure you are absolutely finished before you flatten the image. i can't remeber if you can undo(crtl z or apple z on a mac. remember these for they are your friends,) it or not.

at the bottom of the layer window are some tiny icons.
the trashcan is obvious. it deletes a layer.
the one to the left of it creates new layers.
the other buttons do stuff, but i rarely use them. if you want to play around and see what they do, i say go ahead. sometimes that is the only way to learn. 8^)

ok, you have a layer up. in the layers window, see a little dropdown that says "normal?" click it and select "mulitply."
i explained it above but a better way of thinking of it is this.
imagine it creates a layer between your line art that you wish to color and the white of the background. now you can color on this layer and it will appear behind the black line but above the white.
again, there are lots of selections in this dropdown that i still haven't figured out. play around and see what effects you get.

like i also said above, this save time a frustration because if you mess up, just delete the layer or erase on that layer and your original scanned image should be ok.

does that help, fellas?

i found a link on on using photoshop if it helps: (needs to sign up for a free membership here.)
after you do all that they have a section on layers. i'm not for sure what use they will be, but they might help.