ok, you have a comic.

ok, you have a comic.

Postby Bluecanary on Wed May 22, 2002 5:45 am

after work yesterday, i made an emergency trip to kinko's armed with a little cash and a cd-r.

$1.71 later, i had my comic scanned. i got off way cheaper than i thought.
they must've smelled my brokeness and had mercy on me. 8^)

i'm just glad that is over with and that you only had to wait a day.
but then, i hate that you had to wait at all...

like i mentioned in the blue box on the main page, the next comic may be late because of the pages for the keenspace book being handed out free at the comic con international in san diego.
if you're there, go pick one up!
i, alas, can't go! :cry:

i will put a panel or two up on the page instead of a comic. consider it a sneak peak. 8^)
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