forums are back and other news

forums are back and other news

Postby Bluecanary on Fri May 10, 2002 6:26 am

*caution-parts of this may be taken as a rant. you have been warned.*

well, the forums are back, but after this i'm wondering if anyone reads it at all.

part is my fault i think, inconsistant updating and all scares people away or inducing latent lurking tendecies.
not to say that i don't lurk either. :( but is can be really disheartening to watch what little participants i had disappear.

i don't want to whine, though. i will beg, but i'm trying not to whine.
so on to other topics...

If you haven't seen the fan artpage, i suggest you do so. some talented people have drawn some cool stuff!

I'm link of the month for May over at CoTC!
thanks jamie! thanks sebastian!
go check out his comic if you haven't already.

Cartoonist's Day was May 5th, so i know the forum was down, but you can start a new trend by posting now! or you can []e-mail me![/url]or link my page!or send me fan art (i loves fan art!) show some support. let me know that someone reads this thing! :D *nudge nudge hint hint*

The archive page is royally messed up. i tried to change the background from the blue thought balloons to the new blue dots. didn't work 8^P
i'll be trying to fix it though.

Comic will either by a little late on tuesday or it will not be very funny.
i'm in the process of moving out of the nest.
first though i got to paint my perspective new place. i'll be doing that this weekend.
i'm renting a room at my friends house. her dad is now a pastor in another city but they love the house too much to sell it. the house has all the good stuff like a washer and dryer and is a pretty good deal for rent in jonesboro, ar.
also, when i move i don't know how i am going to be connected to the internet. i need to ask about the isp again...
but hopefully i won't be down long and will be post more comics soon.

i'm trying to decide what to do with my first comic, Mosquito Creek. i may be moving it to keenspace and starting it all over again. we'll see.

an interesting thing happened yesterday. i got YM'ed by a fellow cartoonist. he asked what my nationality was and i told him the states. he then replied that he was from "Iran !!! But I am not terorrist !!!"
i think that's kinda funny and a little sad.
i don't believe that they are all terrorists.
some are, others are not. just like over here. you got your good eggs and your bad eggs, all in the same basket. heck, we had one of our own bombing mailboxes! it happens everywhere.
he's a good artist though! you can see it here.

for those of you that have stuck it out with me, thank you. i'm sorry i haven't been good with the posting and such. i'm working on it but time management and procrastination are hard monsters to control.

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Postby Bluecanary on Fri May 17, 2002 12:49 pm

sorry for the no comic this week!
i've been busy moving out!
i'm on my own!

i had to re-paint the icky pink walls on my new place and i'm still moving boxes.

also i am a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding on the 18th.

the comic is drawn however and i should get it up sometime soon!
maybe late today or saturday.
if not then, try tuesday.

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