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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2001 10:35 am
by Bluecanary
jsut thought i'd let you know. <P>the comic will start again in november.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2001 11:49 am
by Skane
And thus November comes.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2001 12:26 pm
by Bluecanary
and i'm back on track.<P>the next comic is pencilec and should be ready for friday the ninth.<P>in the meantime i will be doing a guest comic for alice! in the coming week so check that out too!<P>*yea!* i'm so glad to be drawing my comic again.<P>-kathryn<p>[This message has been edited by bluecanary (edited 11-03-2001).]

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2001 3:36 am
by Skane
Cool, I will looking out for the guest strip then, I read Alice too.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2001 5:18 am
by Farnuckle
Have just read Alice, get it daily (?) and came to see what the fuss was all about.<P>Very nice will bookmark and continue to read, keep them coming<P>

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2001 1:46 am
by Brian Young
Yay! Your back! Woo!<P>------------------
Brian<P><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>Magical Mage Pretty Magic</A>, everyone's favorite magic girl.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2001 7:11 am
by Skane
Cannonball!<P>Welcome to the Forum, farnuckle. <IMG SRC="">