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Postby Jiyuu on Sun Jul 22, 2001 4:44 am

Just came across this comic this week. It's great! One particular strip caught my attention.... the one mentioning a "Twin Terrors" and "Delta Burke Hall". I never thought I'd hear those words again ever since I left Arkansas State three years ago.
Twin Toilets, where you could tell which floor you were on by the smell.<P>Reading your comic gave me a big case of reminiscing. The so-called "anime club" of about 5 members I tried to start. The signs in the computer science building warning people not to spit tobacco juice into the plants. The trouble they gave me at the financial aid station when I tried to pick up my Trustees Scholarship. The dreaded 9th floor of Twin, where if you entered, you never left the same.<P>I'll definitely be watching this comic (and submitting fanart since I run my own comic site as well, which is down due to my webhost losing his DSL for the next few weeks)<P>Sincerely,
Jiyuu Mouki (a.k.a. Will, attendee of AState for exactly one year)
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Postby Bluecanary on Mon Jul 23, 2001 2:39 am

i'd say i'm glad the comic brought back such fond memories, but then again, i don't think they were very fond ones. 8^)<P>yes, twin terrors in my comic is every bit as bad, maybe worse if at all possible, than the real life dorm seminole twin towers.
max and miles' floor, the fifth, can be recognize by the smell of pee and the burning smell coming from max's attempts to cook. *begin sarcasm* dorm life, ya gotta love it. *end sarcasm*<P>please let me know what you're comic is up, i'd like to see it.
plus, i'd love to have some fan art! thanks.
now i really got to get crackin' on putting htat galery together!<P>later!<P><P>------------------
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