Anime Expo!

Postby Kunou on Mon Mar 26, 2001 2:08 am

Anyone from here coming to Anime Expo in July? Specifically, are you going to be coming, Kathryn? Or anyone? Hello? Anyone out there? *listens to crickets chirping* ....yeesh. ^_^;;;<P>-Kunou, who wishes to sing. "Blue Canary in the outlet by the light switch / Who watches over you / Make a little birdhouse in your soul...." ^_^
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Postby Bluecanary on Mon Mar 26, 2001 2:41 am

alas! i cannot join you there! *sniff*
and i wanna go to it and the san deigo comiccon, too! *wah!*<P>the reason is i'm saving my money for the summer semester and therefore do not have enough to travel elsewhere.<P>normally i don't do summer classes, but when the art dept. offered a course in florence, italy...well i just had to save up and go. always wanted to go to europe and i didn't want to pass up on the chance. i may not get another one.<P>i'll be gone a month from may 23 to june 23, but the comic will update, so you will see new ones in my absence.<P>hope you're able to find other 'spacers there, and i hope you have fun. 8^)<P>------------------
-kathryn<P>They say the pen is mighter than the sword, there for it is very unwise to insult a cartoonist!
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