Postby Shinsa-kun on Thu Apr 19, 2001 1:24 am

I regret to inform that some bad things have happened to poor Ami in the last few days. A lot of bad things..very bad things have struck her and I can only pray for her now. not panic..Ami is getting better each day and I hope things will be resolved in a short while. She will be back very soon so please, whether or not you believe in God, pray that things with her will continued to the way they used to be, and don't worry okay fans?<P>Dan Howard
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Postby Dark Master on Sat Apr 21, 2001 7:02 am

That is too bad. I hope she's alright
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Postby Sanji on Sun Apr 22, 2001 1:58 am

Same here. I hope she'll be ok.
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