First Topic. W00t!

Postby SculdSama on Tue Mar 06, 2001 3:54 am

Hello, all of my loyal legions of fans. Yes. Yes, I can see you all coming to this BBS and my comic now... look, from afar! There's millions! BWAHAHAH! YES! COME TO ME, MY CHILDREN!!
...And go to my comic. <A HREF="Http://" TARGET=_blank>Http://</A>
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Postby Not damonk on Thu Mar 08, 2001 11:38 am

*arrives*<P>in which corner do the acadian children sit? <IMG SRC=""><P><P>------------------
"no. i only look like him, umm, i mean~~ never heard of the guy..."
~~not damonk<P><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>Loose Canvass! The NotComic!</A><P>(any similarities to any other site currently despised by Lee Herold are purely coincidental)
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Postby Mousse on Wed Apr 04, 2001 9:42 am

Hiiiiiiii, Amy! ^_^<P>------------------
-Mousse, Master of the Hidden Weapon and All Things Avian
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Postby Shinsa-kun on Fri Apr 06, 2001 1:57 am

Ami: WAH HA HA HA HA! MY BEAUTIFUL NIGHT! I WILL SOON HAVE MY DARK AND BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!<P>Dr. Shizuma: VON-BARNUM! STEP AWAY FROM THE DRIVE! DON'T DO IT VON-BARNUM!<P>Ami: *Smacks Shizuma over the head* SILENCE YOU FOOL! I WILL HAVE MY LIFE IN HIGH SCHOOL! I WILL HAVE MY REVENEGE ON ALL OF THOSE WHO APOSED ME! I WILL OWN ALL OF KEENSPACE! I WILL HAVE MY BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!<P>(And then..Ami took over the world..and Dan still was not loved...J/K)<P>Just so the public knows..Ami will not take over the world..and Giant Robo kicks heathen butt as Ian would say..and Nothing..and I say NOTHING..can kill the Grimace.<P>And PS..<P>Bi-focals and stepladders..what was Ben Franklin thinking?!
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