F-ing Freeloaders!

F-ing Freeloaders!

Postby ZOMBIE USER 54 on Thu Jan 02, 2003 5:01 pm

Ain't this the shit. So my girlfriend is from Puerto Rico. She's been over here in the States (Florida) working as a nurse for the past 2 years. That's all fine and well. She is a productive member of society. Well, about 3 months ago she decides to bring her youngest brother over here from Puerto Rico. Her and her mom didn't want him running around getting into trouble and figured the job market over here would be better, even for unskilled labor (it generally is). The idea was that he would get a job somewhere and work. It would take some time, but her plan was to get him started with some responsibility- such as paying a reduced portion of rent. Well, three months has gone by and nothing. I can count on one hand the number of times he's gone out looking. He never shows any fucking initiative and does anything on his own, the boy doesn't even own a pair of khaki's! When he does goes in he walks in wearing these baggy ass jean shorts with his boxers sticking out. It's no fucking wonder he hasn't gotten anything. And don't think I haven't brought it up to my girlfriend. She yells back saying that she works too and doesn't have time to take him every week. Hey, that's cool... but what about him getting his lazy ass off my couch and learning the goddamned bus route??

This is just a rant... comment if you like. I'm not expecting solutions or responses, just my displeasure with fucking freeloaders. Anybody else have similar experiences?
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