Postby Damonk13 on Fri Nov 02, 2001 2:01 am

I <I>finally</I> managed to reach you in my archives rereading trials, and let me tell you this:<P>Carson Raycraft, you have DEFINITELY found your wacky again. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"><P>The strips since the Great Escape have been BANG-ON, man! Your joke timing has improved magnificently, your use of wacky has been shining like polished bald heads, an dthe current storylines have been absolutely KICKASS.<P>Damn, but you deserve accolades, cars! Uber-kickass stuff, man!! ^_^ <P><P>------------------
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Postby Mikey C on Fri Nov 02, 2001 5:21 am

Not bad for a guy hopelessly addicted to a MMORPG...<P>Yay Carson. Now start putting effort into your comics...and let me catch Mikail up to Craft so that you never appear purple to me. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif"><P>------------------
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 1674 on Mon Nov 05, 2001 11:51 am

Oh things are going to come. If yo start to notice things in the background that seem familiar, remember them. I am currently writing a storyline that will take up much time, starting about, oh, I don't know, March 5th. It'll try to bring together a bunch of loose ends, will involve Herb, and quite possibly saving the earth. And Cameo's. <P>And quite your whining Mike. If you died half as often you'd be caught up *cough19cough*
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Postby SuperJoe on Wed Nov 07, 2001 1:36 am

Hmm... for some reason I am reminded of the crossover we have to do.
And the Herb/Toasty/red guy comic.
And the crossover I need to do with Megs.<P>------------------
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