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Postby Mikey C on Thu Apr 19, 2001 6:14 am

And I'm really bored. I have a sociology final tomorrow morning at 9am. But you know, I don't feel like studying. Sure, I COULD study and pull of a 90+ mark, but why do that when I can waste my time and get 60+. <P>You know what's cool, besides Alan Alda (*coughBOSWICcough*), MMORPG's. Those things are fun. Carson and I used to play UO quite a lot. We quit that, but are both looking foward (me more then him I suspect) to Dark Age of Camelot (http://www.darkageofcamelot.com). You see, this game will be very good. You should all go there, and buy the game when it comes out. I applied to Beta Test it, but haven't been chosen yet and probably won't. But you know, I won't let that bug me. It'll give me time in the summer to do lots of other things, like go camping, and making sure Carson's house is nice and still standing when they get back. Summer will be good. I plan on spending time with my g/f, and all of my returning friends whose names aren't important enough for me to remember. Sup all? <P>I wonder how long I could go on for in this post...prolly a while. I wonder how many points I would get for writing it if Carson was still rating them. Prolly not too much as there haven't been any point getting references, at least, I don't think that there has. Maybe this post will kill the board. Probably not. You know, it all goes back to WW1 when the llama's were in the trenches fighting the mice of kazikstan, which incidently didn't exist back then. Anyway, there was a giant fight and lots of rats died, which made the mice happy, but then they died because the llama's ate them; but then an odd thing happened. That period was just put there to give a break, I'd been rambling too long.<P>Hockey is very good right now. The Leafs won, which makes me happy. I like Ottawa too, I wish they would have met in the semi finals, THEN Toronto could have the big win, and goto the cup. I hate seeing two canadian teams fighting eachother so early. Ottawa needs teh tv time, so they should have played toronto in the semi's. GO LEAFS. <P>So i'm getting my sociology essay back tomorrow too, I prolly didn't do to well. Wouldn't be surprised if I failed. Are you still reading? Wow...I bet you wanna hear the end to the story from earlier. Well the odd things was that the llama's spit the mice back up, and they were tiny little mice carci (plural, not really, but it sounds funny, I'm an English minor, I'm allowed to do such things). They didn't taste too good, so the llamas steped on them, put them into hotdog buns and gave them to the new jersey devils, who suck. The moral to the story is that Keith should be voted out of the outback cause he's a prick. Elizabeth is hot. <P>I hate survivor, what a stupid show. Dragon Ball Z, now THATS a show. YEAH GOHAN! <P>Did you know that they are thinking of making True Lies 2!!?? That was a horrible movie, even the thought of a sequel will bring only evil to the land of the unicorns, who incidently stole the mice/buns that the New Jersey Devils had. Why did they make another Crocidile Dundee movie?? Why? Don't tell me, it's cause people were watching survivor, and they liked the outback again........morons. I wonder how many words this is. I'll probably write more on the essay question in soc tomorrow,speaking of which, I'm going to go glance at some terminology. <P>Happy fun people. <P>------------------
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 1674 on Thu Apr 19, 2001 8:54 am

Whoo! If I was doing the scoring thingy I'd have given you 1 million points (the Irn-Bru you gave me tonight helped with that decision).<P>It's good to be back home and seeing friends!<P>Ah, who am I kidding, fuck you guys, I'm here because of the Camry<P>------------------
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