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War of the weird

Postby El SillY on Sun Apr 21, 2002 10:04 pm

For those of you who don't got to the IRC channel I will now give an example of one of our latest plots, namely a small war on one of our neighbors, namely #macroyiff, I don't think I need to go into any details of what they do, do I? Anyway, me and Supernerd were challenged to prove our "weirdness" (which we claim is relative), we did our best and were more or less declared weird beyond comprehension. Anyway, enjoy the show kids:

Session Start (critter.furnet.org:#macroyiff): Sat Apr 20 23:58:10 2002
*** Now talking in #macroyiff.
*** Topic of #macroyiff: Bringing big creatures and small creatures together. ^_^
*** Users on #macroyiff: El_SillY @Marthaen Supernerd @JoshFox @Artie @DracoKahn @MacroServ
*** End of /NAMES list.
<Supernerd> OOOH! HI EL SILLY!
<El_SillY> I hear evilness has been done unto my comrade Supernerd?
<Supernerd> The big evil Fur-Zilla raped me.
<Supernerd> He said he had a wedgie the size of Manhatten... and you know what that implies!
<Supernerd> Then he...
<Supernerd> he...
<El_SillY> how evil of it, we must fight this creature! do you have your asparagus?!
* Supernerd sobs.
<Supernerd> Y... yes.
<El_SillY> AHA!
<Supernerd> I also have a block of cheddar.
<El_SillY> where doth this creature hide?
<El_SillY> Ooo! Cheddar!
<Supernerd> In the innards of one Marthaen!
<El_SillY> I sense his bellybutton is vernerable
<Supernerd> Shall I enter? Cover me!
<Supernerd> I'm going in!
<El_SillY> DO SO!
* El_SillY throws asparagus at all
<El_SillY> take that!
* Supernerd takes his cheddar and asparagus and enters the belly button of Marth.
<Supernerd> Vicious lint-creatures!
<Supernerd> Cheese monster! Get him!
*** Josh (cajunwolf@05-071.112.popsite.net) has joined channel #macroyiff
*** Josh has left #macroyiff
* El_SillY pulls at Marthaens toe nail
<Supernerd> No! The enemy has brought reinforcements!
<El_SillY> ack!
* El_SillY pulls some more
<El_SillY> It will not mooove!
* Supernerd tosses his asparagus to El Silly.
* El_SillY brings up gigantic spoon and gives Marthaens toe a free piercing
<Supernerd> Try using that!
<El_SillY> More ammo!
*** CheeZor (~jaja@d150-56-7.home.cgocable.net) has joined channel #macroyiff
* El_SillY inserts asparagus in the spoon shaped hole
<Supernerd> CheeZor is here!
<Supernerd> My beloved minion!
<El_SillY> AHA!
<CheeZor> MMMmmm... I sense... lint monsters...
<Supernerd> YES! CheeZor! Attack!
* El_SillY screams "Asparagus supercharge"
* CheeZor eats the lint monsters. Every single one.
<El_SillY> go CheeZor
<El_SillY> woho!
<Supernerd> The belly button is clear!
* El_SillY climbs up into the belly button
<El_SillY> good view
<Supernerd> Let us enter the innards of the macro yiff together!
* Supernerd plunges inwards.
* El_SillY mimics Warcraft 2
* CheeZor follows his master.
<El_SillY> I can see my house!
* El_SillY walks into the depths of the bellybutton
*** Signoff: Marthaen (Connection reset by peer)
<El_SillY> Ohno!
<Supernerd> I think we killed him.
<El_SillY> the void opens!
<El_SillY> and it is vanquished!
<CheeZor> Ugh.
<El_SillY> *cheers of victory*
<Supernerd> Where are we now?
<El_SillY> hmmm
<El_SillY> it appears we are in a timless void of silence
<CheeZor> Clank-Clank.
<Supernerd> Not quite silent, as such.
*** Armand (Armand@m259-mp1-cvx1b.pop.ntl.com) has joined channel #macroyiff
<El_SillY> What maner of thing could make susch a noise!
<Supernerd> Ah! Another enemy to slaughter mercilessly!
<El_SillY> I can see it! Quick Supernerd! Take cover!
<Armand> ???
* Supernerd hides behind the couch.
* El_SillY lobs some asparagus at Armand
<Armand> AACK
<Supernerd> CheeZor! Get behind him!
<El_SillY> feel our wrath creature of great size!
* Armand bats atta asparagus
* CheeZor rolls behind Armand and slaps his ass.
<El_SillY> the asparagus attack was unsucsesful! this clearly is a mighty foe!
<Armand> ow!
* Supernerd masturbates vigorously for no apparent reason.
* Armand staps away from Supernerd
<Armand> *steps
<El_SillY> Concentrate Supernerd!
<El_SillY> Aha!
* El_SillY pushes Supernerd closer to Armand
<Supernerd> Phew. That felt good.
<Armand> hey!
* Armand runs away
<El_SillY> muhaha!
<El_SillY> he is vanquished!
<CheeZor> *Splat.*
<Supernerd> We have won again!
<El_SillY> good work Supernerd
* Armand runs back and bites El_SillY in the ass
<El_SillY> ACK!
<El_SillY> it attacks again!
<Supernerd> ARRR!
* Supernerd takes out a big frying pan.
* El_SillY slaps Armand around the groin region witha huge spoon
<CheeZor> ARR! Me good with frying pan!
* Armand is wearing a cup
<El_SillY> take that biter of ass!
<El_SillY> aha!
* Supernerd gives his Cheese Minion the frying pan.
* El_SillY arms nuclear bomb
<Supernerd> USE IT!
<CheeZor> YES SIR!
<El_SillY> Nuclear poking groin spoon attack!
<Armand> why are you acting to weird today?
<Armand> no.
* CheeZor beats Armand with the frying pan.
<Armand> blah
* El_SillY spoon detonates
* Armand stops playing until you calm down
<El_SillY> feel your privates cover the lunar surface!
* Supernerd has sex with Armand.
<Armand> o.O
<Supernerd> On the moon!
<El_SillY> now now, really Supernerd, consentrate!
*** Armand has left #macroyiff
<El_SillY> aha!
<El_SillY> it worked!
<Supernerd> WOO! WOO!
<Supernerd> We shall defend this room from all comers, for it is ours! YES!
<El_SillY> Wooo!
<Supernerd> It is time to feast on the corpses.
<El_SillY> yey!
<El_SillY> ooo! White sauce,,,
*** Supernerd is now known as NerdDin
<El_SillY> hmmm
<El_SillY> this tastes funny
*** CheeZor is now known as CheesIn
*** El_SillY is now known as El_Spang0
<El_Spang0> the beast are quiet!
*** `Draco (~Onyx@12-220-242-174.client.insightBB.com) has joined channel #macroyiff
<El_Spang0> aha!
<El_Spang0> Arm your self Nerd!
* `Draco blinks at El Spang0... heh.
* `Draco waves to everyone else :D
* El_Spang0 throws some asparagus at `Draco
<El_Spang0> begone vile creature!
* `Draco Vile?
* DracoKahn nuzsles "Draco
* `Draco says that, dammit.
* `Draco hugs DK.
<`Draco> El: You apparently have never met me, then >:)
* DracoKahn smiles and rumbles
* El_Spang0 prods `Draco
<El_Spang0> Spare your breath for your last words!
* `Draco is prodded, and eyeridge-raises at El.
<`Draco> Is... that a challenge?
* DracoKahn prods "Draco too :)
<El_Spang0> aha!
<El_Spang0> Allies from the ranks of the enemy!
* `Draco chuckles at DK, licking him.
*** CheesIn is now known as CheeZor
*** NerdDin is now known as Supernerd
<`Draco> El: I have no Oerthly idea what you're babblin' about.
<Supernerd> I am back, and my minion too!
<El_Spang0> the element of surprise is on my side! Aha! Supernerd!
<El_Spang0> we must defend our privates! In both senses of the word!
* `Draco looks at Supernerd (aptly named? ^.^) and his ... minion. "Oh... gods..."
<Supernerd> Let us fight the giant yiffs!
<El_Spang0> Yes! let us!
<CheeZor> *Grunt.*
* El_Spang0 takes a bite ou of `Dracos right thumb
<El_Spang0> aha!
* `Draco raises a big, big, big, BIIIIIG foot... and eyes the three.
* Supernerd eats DracoKahn.
<El_Spang0> CheeZor attack!
<`Draco> Aha?
<DracoKahn> ick
* `Draco goes to stomp the three. Hard.
* El_Spang0 runs away
<El_Spang0> tactical retreat!
* DracoKahn rips from supernerds stomach Alien Style
* CheeZor pulls out his frying pan and shields himself and his master from the giant foot.
* El_Spang0 finds some more asparagus to lob at `Draco
<`Draco> Yeah, I'll give you a tactical retreat...
<Supernerd> Hey! That's my stomach!
<El_Spang0> feel my vegie wrath!
* Supernerd puts his innards back together.
* El_Spang0 uses his godly powers to heal Supernerd
<El_Spang0> let us prod some buttock nerd!
* El_Spang0 prods `Dracos buttocks
* `Draco smirks at El.
<`Draco> You may want to quit that. I may end up *LIKING* it.
* CheeZor uses his super-cheese powers to fly up to Draco's face and poke him in the eye with a pointy stick.
<El_Spang0> Me? Like! HA!
* Supernerd prods Draco's buttocks with a gatling gun.
* `Draco is poked, and roars, his huge paws clapping shut suddenly, attempting to splat him like a bug.
* `Draco (At Cheezor. >.<)
* El_Spang0 pulls out is rocket launcher and gives `Draco an anal probe
* `Draco eyes Spango...
<El_Spang0> feel they intestine turn into thick goo!
* `Draco ... and SN.
* CheeZor is a cheese demon. +3 resistance to being squished by giants.
* CheeZor is unharmed.
* El_Spang0 is a Spoon God +5 resistance agains imaginary creatues in general
* CheeZor pokes Draco in the eye again.
* El_Spang0 joins in the eye proding
<DracoKahn> ok guys cut it out
* Supernerd eats DracoKahn again.
<El_Spang0> aha! A threat! the big ones have awakend!
* `Draco rolls his good eye... and sits down on the ground, snarling.
<El_Spang0> he is vcanquished unto the grouns Supernerd!
*** Supernerd has been kicked off channel #MacroYiff by DracoKahn (Dont eat me [kick count:25])
<El_Spang0> my allaies diasper!
* CheeZor cuts out DracoKahn's rib-cage with a spatula.
<El_Spang0> Go CheeZor! Go!
*** DracoKahn has left #MacroYiff
Session Close (#macroyiff): Sun Apr 21 00:37:06 2002

What is the verdict? Weird or not? Oooo! Lookie! New poll function! And some people say the new forums suck, shame on you.
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 6344 on Sun Apr 21, 2002 10:13 pm

Ey, I didn't say it sucks! I just said it was slow :D
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Postby Striker on Sun Apr 21, 2002 10:20 pm

Heh. There's a chat room I might want you to visit sometime...
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Postby D.O.P.R on Sun Apr 21, 2002 10:36 pm

Riiiiiiight :roll:
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